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Peacekeeping Missions (United Nations and other organisations)

  • An interesting page is provided by Austrian Blue Helmet Association . It contains a lot of information about peacekeeping missions around the world. It also gives a big link list with internet addresses of other blue helmet associations around the world.
  • The UN gives a lot of information regarding their full range of activities on their own homepage. Regarding Peacekeeping Missions they provide several special pages.
  • Another interesting page provides a former member of the Multinational Force on Sinai MFO . On this page you can find several links to other MFO related pages.
  • The OSCE also gives a lot of information of their activities on their official homepage.
  • The homepage of TIPH - Temporary International Presence in Hebron
  • Peter Hornung created a homepage about Peacekeeper's Mail . Beside the philetelic news he gives a lot of information regarding peacekeeping missions with a related linklist.

 Number Plates

  • The american license plate collectors club  Automobile License Plate Collectors Association has its own page with sufficient information around this fascinating hobby and a long linklist to the pages of other collectors.
  • The European license plate collectors club EUROPLATE offers a short homepage to introduce you in it's activities.
  • Also the Australian Number Plate Collectors Club NPCC now comes with a homepage.
  • Here you can find a list of all national ovals and codelists from many countries.
  • The first License Plate Museum will open soon in Germany.
  • The German license plate collectors club AKS (only available in German)
  • Information regarding the current Platesystem of Germany including a searchfunction for county codes is given on the page of Andy Hoppe. This page is only available in German.
  • Information regarding the current Platesystem of Germany includes also all county codes and beside this pictures of inspection seals (TÜV) and exhaust inspection seals (ASU) as well as the new seals of the states now used on the current plates. This page is also only available in German.
  • Another page on the German Platesystem is provided by Claudius Schmidt. It shows pictures of currently used plates and seals and gives also comprehensive lists of the county code as well as codes for diplomats and special series. Only available in German.
  • The Dutch number plate archives with photos from plates from all over the world

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