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Plate of the Month (December 2001)



Very old dealer plate from Iceland. The code R stands for the capital Reykjavik.

Former plates of the month of the year 2001 you can find here:

January 2001                 A plate from the new series of the British Virgin Islands

February 2001               Special plate from the EXPO in Sevilla / Spain

March 2001                    Plate from Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina

April 2001                       Early series from the little state of Andorra

May/June 2001              Old enamel plate from Iceland

July 2001                        Plate from the port police in Greece

August 2001                    Enamel plate from California from the first statewide issue 1914

September 2001             A diplomatic  plate from Lebanon made from cast iron.

October 2001                 A plate from the American Occupation Zone Bavaria from the late years of
                                       the 1948 - 56 series. 34 stands for Fürstenfeldbruck.

November 2001             Very early plate from Soviet Occupation Zone in Germany / Province of Saxony

The links to the plates of the month of 1999 and 2000 you'll find on the pages "Plate of the Month of December 2000" and "Plate of the Month of December 1999"

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