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Plate of the Month (December 2000)


This is another real gem from the North Atlantic which I just obtained for my collection. It is an enamel plate in excellent condition from the town of Sisimiut / Holsteinborg on Greenland. This series was issued until 1976 and is very rare today.

Former plates of the month in the year 2000:

-    January:                                    old Danish army enamel plate

-    February:                                  enamel plate for farm vehicles from Iceland

-    March:                                      a UN-plate from the post-war observers in the Iran - Iraq 1988
                                                       to 1991

-    April:                                         old Danish enamel plate for a farm vehicle

-    May:                                         Tartastan plate for official vehicles

-    June:                                         Falkland plate

-    July:                                          Diplomatic plate from Angola

-    August:                                      Old motorcycle plate from pre-1945 Germany (Deutsches Reich)
                                                        from Prussia Hannover from the city of Peine

-    September:                               Plate from UNAMET (= UN Assistance Mission in East Timor)

-    October:                                     A plate from the UN-Mission MINURSO in the Western-Sahara

-    November :                                Old Islandic plate from a hire van from the 1937 to 1988 series

The links to the plates of the month of 1999 you'll find on the page "Plate of the Month of December 1999"

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