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Plate of the Month (December 1999)


This is a rare plate from the autonomous palestinian territory on the Westbank. The abreviation means "Temporary International Presence in Hebron" as far as I know. Obviously it is the plate of an international mission to observe the peace process.

Former plates of the month:

-    January/February:            Motorcycle-Dealer plate from the Soviet Occupation Zone

-    March:                               Dealerplates from Gibraltar

-    April:                                  A rare pair from Ascension Island / South Atlantic

-    May:                                   An old enamel plate from New South Wales / Australia

-   June:                                    Motorcycle plate from UN mission in Haiti MANUH

-    July:                                    A plate from United Nations Mission in Angola MONUA

-    August:                               A Plate from an agricultural vehicle from the island Crete / Greece

-    September:                         A dealer plate from Andorra

-    October:                             Old cast diplomatic issue from Romania

-    November:                         Plate of the Republican Guard from Iraq

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